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Entity Description
Implementer's Information
Name of Contact Person Srikanth
Organisation Name Contact Doctor Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Organisation Website Link
Software Details
Software Name AdvancedOPD
Software Version 1.0
Software Information Link AdvancedOPD Information Link
Software Type Web Application [with or without Mobile Application]
Supported Deployment Models In-Premise [may include desktops/devices, client-server, internal datacenter, private-cloud], Public Hosted [may include browser/app, public-cloud, provider hosted, single/multi tenancy]
Current Status Of Software Deployment Ready
Software Description Advanced OPD Solution With Video Consultation + ChatBots + Voice Recognition + Map Assistance + BI Reports And Tons of features,.. .
Software Category Telemedicine System with embedded EMR / EHR
Clinical Record Artifacts - Patient Demographics
- Past Medical History
- Family History
- Chief Complaints / Symptoms
- Diagnosis and Problems
- Allergies and Adverse Reactions
- Observations
- Clinical Examination
- Procedures
- Medications
- Vital Signs
- Investigation [Clinical, Imaging, Histropathology, Microbiology, Haematology, etc.]
- Orders
- Reports
EHR Standards implemented in the software
- UIDAI Aadhar Number

- Local Identifier with Any Central or state Government Issued Photo Identity Card Number

- SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT)

- Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) SHA-256 or higher

- HTTPS, SSL v3.0, and TLS v1.2

Information received on date November 15, 2018

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