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Entity Description
Implementer's Information
Name of Contact Person Kaushik Kanti Bhattacharya
Organisation Name Clintx
Organisation Website Link
Software Details
Software Name Clinical Entity Extraction API - Beta
Software Version 1
Software Information Link Clinical Entity Extraction API - Beta Information Link
Software Type Web Application [with or without Mobile Application]
Supported Deployment Models Public Hosted [may include browser/app, public-cloud, provider hosted, single/multi tenancy]
Current Status Of Software Pilot Deployed
Software Description Extract clinically relevant concepts from Clinical Notes, Discharge Summary, Prescriptions with ease. Our API offers an unique blend of context and precision. Based on Deep Learning algorithms it can extract clinical concepts like drugs, diseases, procedure and tests from unstructured text in the form of entities and attributes. It can also generate smart tags for document and patient classification.
Software Category Clinical Decision Support / Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning System with embedded EMR / EHR
Clinical Record Artifacts -
- Allergies and Adverse Reactions
- Observations
- Clinical Examination
- Procedures
- Medications
- Vital Signs
- Orders
- Reports
Software Deployment Details Distributed as rest API
EHR Standards implemented in the software

- SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT)

Information received on date January 12, 2019

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