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Entity Description
Implementer's Information
Name of Contact Person Manish Pandey
Organisation Name HealthQik
Organisation Website Link
Software Details
Software Name HealthQik
Software Version V1.9
Software Information Link HealthQik Information Link
Software Type Web Application [with or without Mobile Application]
Supported Deployment Models In-Premise [may include desktops/devices, client-server, internal datacenter, private-cloud], Public Hosted [may include browser/app, public-cloud, provider hosted, single/multi tenancy]
Current Status Of Software Deployed and Live
Software Description

HealthQik offers a cloud based electronic health record (EHR) platform, providing with clinical decision support and analytics to track outcomes and realign services and strategies to drive better health and save lives.

Our EHR is enabled with SNOMED CT, that is clinically validated, semantically rich, multilingual, comprehensive clinical terminology that can be used to represent clinically relevant information consistently and reliably in an electronic health record. It provides a standardized way to represent clinical phrases captured by the clinician. SNOMED CT based clinical information benefits individual patients and clinicians as well as populations and also supports evidence-based care.

Our online platform requires no software to download or hardware to manage, your cloud based EHR is always up to date-helping you to stay current in a continuously changing clinical landscape.

Access to the right information and automation of complex tasks and workflow is the key focus of our solutions, hence enabling the doctors to spend more quality time with patients thereby extending the scope and quality of services.

Our integrated smart terminology insures that patients can find you online, verify that you are professional and legitimate, and easily book appointments.

HealthQik will handle the entire process of contributing the platform, for all the modalities along-with providing full technical support, thus allowing the center to focus on clinical expertise and diagnosis.

Key features (Providers):
- Quick access to patient records from inpatient and remote locations for more coordinated, efficient care
- Safer, more reliable prescribing
- Interfaces with labs, diagnostic center and pharmacies
- Convenience of e-prescription electronically sent to pharmacy
- Patient portals with online interaction for providers
- Minimizing paper-based filling/reporting
- Maximizing accountability, data security
- Making data retrieval easier and faster, hence reducing the patient waiting time
- Optimized decision making

Key Features (Patients):
- Simplifies Patient's Experience from registration to discharge
- Supports patient workflow management for different scenarios: OPS, IPD, Lab, Diagnostics, Pharmacy etc.
- Encapsulates all aspects of physical and clinical examinations
- Empowers patient mobility by storing patient's entire clinical history and past investigation details at multi-chains and locations
- Bridges the gap between patients and doctors by helping the patients to find the right doctor in the locality
- Real time availability of Doctors and instant appointment booking
- Keeps patients posted with their current and follow-up appointments through SMS, email and real-time app notifications
- The complete medical history will be available with patients on the go through HealthQik's free mobile app

- Free SMS service
- Dedicated Server Space
- Free online Presence on the HealthQik Database all around India and abroad
- Online appointment bookings for your Patients
- Online payments via various payment methods
- Patient's portal
- Mobile App for all Staff and Patients
- Automatic updates and patches available instantly
- Automatic data back-up and data from anywhere in the world
- Online promotions and campaigns
- Free updates on Government Schemes and SNOMED CT database every 6 months

Software Category Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) with embedded EMR / EHR
Clinical Record Artifacts - Patient Demographics
- Past Medical History
- Family History
- Chief Complaints / Symptoms
- Diagnosis and Problems
- Allergies and Adverse Reactions
- Observations
- Clinical Examination
- Procedures
- Medications
- Vital Signs
- Investigation [Clinical, Imaging, Histropathology, Microbiology, Haematology, etc.]
- Disclosures and Consents
- Immunization
- Orders
- Reports
Software Deployment Details Rajchandra Hospital-Lucknow, UP Hospital-Lucknow, Astha Hospital-Bhopal, Rakhsa Hospital-Bhopal, Gayatri Hospital-Bhopal, Bhopal Care Hospital-Bhopal, MKM Hospital-Bhopal, Nidan Medicare Bhopal
EHR Standards implemented in the software
- SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT)

- Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) SHA-256 or higher

- Encryption with 256-bits key or higher

- HTTPS, SSL v3.0, and TLS v1.2

Information received on date October 19, 2018

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