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The computerization of healthcare records has been evolved since the early 1960s, when hospitals first started using computers. Since then, incremental developments have taken place within healthcare industry, with IT playing an increasingly significant role in development of healthcare system. For moving towards Integrated Healthcare System, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India, released Electronic Health Record (EHR) standards for India in December 2016 subsequent to the earlier notified EHR standards for India in September 2013.

MoHFW has established a Centre of Excellence named as National Resource Centre for EHR Standards (NRCeS) at C-DAC, Pune to accelerate and promote adoption of EHR standards in India.

NRCeS is a single point of contact for assistance in developing, implementing and using EHR standards in India. NRCeS provides the knowledge base for EHR Standards and associated resources and facilitates acceptance of and adherence to EHR standards.

NRCeS offers different services to facilitate adoption of the entire set of notified EHR Standards for India in healthcare applications.

NRCeS Activities

NRCeS provides tools, know-how, training, implementation support and hand-holding to medical professionals, medical institutions, and technology companies/providers in adoption of all notified EHR standards for India. NRCeS is also involved in healthcare IT standardization process at national and international level.

NRCeS e-Brochure

Activities across EHR Implementation

NRCeS provides support to healthcare providers and implementers at different phases of EHR implementation including adoption, planning, procurements, design, development, deployment and use in healthcare system.

NRCeS Implementation activity