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Training and promotions for the use of healthcare informatics standards helps users to develop the skills to adopt the standards as quickly as possible. Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of the user community in the country. Towards the promotion and proliferation for the use of EHR Standards, NRCeS conducts -

  • Workshop for Healthcare professionals (Clinicians, Nurses, Hospital IT Staff, Paramedics, etc.) on EHR Standards and benefits.
  • Workshop for Vendors and Implementers on EHR Standards and technical implementation.
  • On-demand need-based training to hospitals, vendors, and implementers.
  • Workshop/Training to policy makers, departments, educational institutes, organizations, consortiums, associations, etc. on sensitizing about EHR Standards.
  • Specialized trainings on creation and validation of national releases and extensions.
  • Training on using and integrating SDKs and tools developed by NRCeS.
  • E-Learning videos and materials.

We provide training on overview of EHR Standards, Introduction to EHR Standards, Clinical Terminology standards, Coding System standards, Architecture Requirements, Data Privacy and Security, and Data Encryption etc. These training are target varied range of healthcare community such as clinicians, nursing staff, implementors, decision-makers, healthcare insurance sector etc.

Mode of Training Webinar Training at NRCeS, C-DAC Pune Training at Your Place
Number of Attendees Upto 100 Upto 10 Around 40 or more

Target Audience: Clinicians / Nursing Staff / Implementors / Vendors / IT-Development Team / Planners / Decision-makers etc.

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